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Weapon of Choice



Sarah Tierney


Adrian Caelli, Brydie Dyson, Sarah Tierney, Rachelle Longstaff, Detta Soszynski and Jesse Velik


Joshua Balbin


Marita Petherbridge and Karla Engdahl


Leah Morrison


“Loved the diversity of the characters.”

“Very good concept and well presented. Kept your interest right to the end.”

“Excellent script with some good depth of characters.” 

“Staging was inventive.”

“The relationship between the music and the performances is crucial in this show – very impressive. Very ambitious and original show and you brought it off.”


Weapon of Choice is an original black comedy based on the characters from everyone’s favourite mystery board game. The characters, who are on a retreat seeking counselling, spiral out of control, as their world comes crashing down overnight. We explore the imperfections that come with being human as the audience is exposed to an alternative perception of humanity. 

The play explores the psychological nightmare that ensues when sexual addiction, depression, kleptomania, alcoholism, obsessive compulsivity and anger management issues are combined. The retreat run by an infamous doctor of psychology plays host to a zany group of six who are pushed to their limits after the doctor is mysteriously murdered. Trapped inside the mansion the characters grapple with the knowledge that one of them is a murderer. We see the events unfold through the investigations of the cop who has arrived late on the scene only to discover tragedy. 

This unique original piece mixes humor with an unusual take on the extremities of social values, exposing raw human emotion on every level.


It all started with a mystery; one place, one weapon and a victim. This age old mystery  sparked passion and creativity in our team, inspiring us to take these famous one dimensional characters from their traditional cardboard existence into a modern, tangible world where they think, feel, love, hate, live and die. 

Taking this project from concept to performance has been a long, arduous journey, but the end result is a sensitive piece that exposes the cracks and fragility of human beings. I hope these sympathetic characters, which I have grown to love, will captivate you and provide you with an insight into their delicate existence.

I love the versatility of performance, the way it can confront, challenge, enthrall, entertain and touch its audience. I hope you enjoy watching Weapon of Choiceas much as I have enjoyed creating it. Step inside the game and see if you can solve the mystery?

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Weapon of Choice
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