Introducing Sarah Tierney

Director / Actor / Theatre Maker

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"I want to tell stories that need to be heard, stories that go beyond simply entertaining, stories that really challenge people, that spark conversations and even see people grow as a result." 
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Sarah’s love for theatre was sparked as a child, regularly attending matinee theatrical productions with her grandmother. This exposure to The Arts from such a young age fuelled her passion and has driven her life journey since. Having worked both on and off the stage, performing, writing, directing, producing and devising work, Sarah has a varied skill set and understands what it takes to bring all aspects of a theatrical production to life. “Theatre is about collaboration, organisation, grit and above all, storytelling.”

Extinction by Hannie Rayson
Feb 12, 11:00 AM – Feb 15, 2:30 PM
Gateway Worship & Performing Arts Centre,
14 Heversham Dr, Seaford VIC 3198, Australia

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